Male vs Female

The majority of the dog owner population believe that females make better pets. Lets set the record straight, as for every rule there is bound to be an exception.

Fact or fiction?
- Males are the dominant pact dog
- Only males ‘mark’ their territory
- Only males ‘hump’
- Females are more docile
- Males are less affectionate
- Females are less messy

If you work with these charming little animals on a daily basis, you will come to learn some fascinating facts that contradict the general misconceptions about their behavior. It is easier to notice the difference in gender behavior if you have both sexes.

I was surprised to find that the “fairer sex” was often, excuse the pun, bitchy, (and for good reason) and display very dominant alpha behavior. The ranking is established by the females, not the males! They compete fiercely to determine who will be alpha female, and who is next in line! They form “sisterhoods” and can “gang-up” against any “intruder”. It is quite intriguing to witness the submissive behavior of the lower ranking animals. Males very seldom display this aggressive behavior to establish pecking order. As for ‘humping’, girls can be quite embarrassing at times! This is part of their alpha behavior, but that’s not where it ends! If she is in season, she can become real adamant!!

I found females to be very territorial. Males mark their territory, but so do females, including lifting of the leg, which most people believe only males do! Most of this behavior doesn’t even occur if a male is neutered at an early age, (before 6 months) and testosterone levels recede.

Contrary to what you might think, girls can be “messy”. Girls come into season twice a year (unless being spayed), and even though Yorkies are very clean ladies, you will have to endure a bloody discharge for a considerable time. During this time you can expect mood swings, and extra bitchiness, and off course, not to mention the whole neighborhood’s males being on full alert, with all the noise accompanying it, smelling her irresistible “perfume”. I can guarantee you; they will give it their best shot, not wanting to miss out on this great opportunity to reproduce and she can becomes a most cunning escape artist to have her share of the fun!! This can carry on for as long as 21 days.

We found the girls to be more emotional at times (hormones I guess), where as males seems to be more even tempered. Males seem to become more attached to woman, and are protective toward their lady owners. Females on the other hand tend to prefer men (I believe it’s because they know how to handle our mood swings!)

I frequently receive feedback from owners that bought a Yorkie as companion, feeling very disappointed and rejected, as her sweet little girl prefers the man of the house! Needless to say, who often wasn’t very excited about the idea of having a lapdog and then becomes the love of littler Miss Yorkie’s life!

Most males are more affectionate and protective and stay playful for longer, where as his female counterpart can become more dignified and graceful with age.

The aim is not to convert you to a male dog owner, but with all facts in mind, you might be able to make a better informed choice. Maybe the puppy you saw stole your heart with his sweet little face and adorable frolicking, saying “pick me, pick me!”, but you didn’t take him, just because he is a boy!!!

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