Training your puppy doesn’t just improve their manners, it’s a fun and rewarding way for you to spend quality time together and strengthen your bond.

Obedience training is highly recommended for Yorkies. Although few Yorkies compete in obedience in the UK today, a little dog called "Shandy" did compete successfully, and was placed in the highly acclaimed obedience championships at Cruft's in 1973. All breeds can and do benefit nevertheless from basic obedience training.

Yorkies are generally easy to house train. For their own safety it is better to crate train them and to leave them in a crate when they are left alone, e.g. during the night or if their owners are out of the home.

Always leave them some toys and fresh water, and be sure they have a cosy bed inside the crate. Remember that as they do enjoy human company they will not appreciate being left alone for long periods.